Thursday, 13 March 2014

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. James 1:2

The Last week has been a challenge to say the least. After realising that I was constantly being microwaved by my neighbour night and day, I decided to leave my house as soon as she came in. As I started to do this, the "perps" obviously did not like it, so they would make their presence known.

The worst case of this happened when I walked out my back door to see a helicopter fly over. I then drove to the next town, only to realise I was being followed by the same one, and this is what I saw when I arrived at a supermarket .

As I said "following me again". About 2 days later, after having my 
thyroid attacked by my neighbour, I had had very little sleep and I had an out burst to my mother. After which she phoned the mental health nurse who I had seen twice before because she was worried. I was unaware of this, but the next day he phoned my mother and asked to speak to me. I reacted angrily and said I don't want to speak to him. 

I went out in my car for an hour and came back to find the police at my house. To cut a long story short I was visited by 2 mental health doctors and 2 mental health nurses. They assessed me and told me they had no grounds to detain me under the mental health act but wanted me to see a doctor in the mental health "place", of course I refused because I know that is what the "perps" want.

So that is where I'm at at the moment, the doctors left about an hour ago and I'm just glad I kept my cool. I told them the facts but was quite calm about it all. One of the doctors even said "you seem happy for a conspiracy theorist".  I told them this is due to my faith in Him.

Trust is God, speak the truth, and love your neighbour.


  1. Also a Christian targeted in the Uk : See Bible Sabbath Blog

    1. Good work on your site, keep up the good work. God bless you brother