Friday, 28 March 2014

The ever changing game

Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour.

I have now built an enclosure that I sleep in, it has a wooden frame surrounded by a copper mesh, reflectix, mylar and some other reflective and conductive items that I have found in my home, the whole thing is earthed. It is not yet 100% protective but I'm sleeping better and I'm in the process of plugging the gaps. I have also found that the demron radiation suit does in fact protect me from certain types of radiation, the kind that make you feel like you have hay fever. Its the weapon that targets certain organs that it has little affect on.

They have started attacking me in other places now. At least 2 times in my car from a vehicle behind me on the way to work and I'm pretty sure they have done so while I was at work, outside on my break. They use different cars now to try and catch me out. I still can not believe how absolutely determined these people are and how much time and money they must be spending on me. I am assuming they must have teams of people around the country (and indeed the world) that spend their life terrorising people and trying to wipe them out. This whole operation is totally insane, and can only be orchestrated by Satan himself.

I do know that God is in control and I totally trust in His plan. He has showed and told me things that will happen in the future, things that I will be around to see, so I know I'm not going to die just yet, but only He knows how long we all have. It is up to me to do what ever I can to preserve my body, so that through me God can bring the gospel in to peoples lives, hopefully God has already used me to plant a few seeds of truth in to peoples hearts that will grow.

My name is Jason, and I want to be a martyr for my Lord Christ Jesus

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