Friday, 4 April 2014

Round the clock microwaving

The enclosure I have built has stopped the DEW attacks from the drones and helicopters. So they now work shifts from my neighbours house to microwave me at all times of the day. I have spent quite a lot of money on my enclosure and they seem to be able to get through it from next door, as you can imagine this has been very frustrating. I think that it is purely because of the small distance (2-3 meters) between me and them, also I think they are either using more powerful weapons or they have just turned the power up.

The Demron radiation suit does block some, but not enough of the radiation, so I am considering my options. I could just go all out and buy a lot of lead. It may come to that but that would be expensive and is a last resort. I am going to try a few things first. I am now going to sleep on an air bed, as I have read that the springs in a mattress act as antenna and I have also earthed the inside of my enclosure as well as the outside. I know the "perps" will read this but I'm pretty sure they know what I'm doing anyway, oh I forgive you and turn to Jesus before its to late.

Anyway, have to run as I'm being cooked right now.

God bless you all

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