Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Targeted Update

Just I quick update as to where I'm at. At the moment I am still going to work, although they have sometimes made this difficult by giving me sleepless nights. The air stalking is still happening, some days are worse than others but its pretty consistent.

The electronic harassment is constant while I am in my home, they seem to be able to track me in and around my home and microwave me at all times, shielding no longer helps, I think they have got the big guns out.

I believe they now have 2 goals, first to make my life as miserable as possible and second to slowly kill me. It is sad that this is happening and my family are never going to believe me, they think I am ill.

It amazes me that this is happing on such a vast scale all over the world, the amount of resources that have gone in to just targeting me is crazy and this is happening to countless people all over the world for years on end. I am starting to believe that these people are doing this simply because they have nothing else to do.

My faith in Jesus is the only thing that is getting me through this. The one thing that really frustrates my is that I feel I can not serve the Lord as well as I would like due to the harassment I am suffering, but I do believe I am suffering for Christ.

I will continue to pray for all the TI's around the world on a daily basis, as well as the people who choose to do this to us. Trust that God has a plan, even unto death.

May Jesus come in to all of your lives

God bless you all


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