Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The sin in me

I am currently reading the book of Romans which is one of my favourite books in the Bible, and I will tell you why. I struggle with sin in my life, like everyone else, but sometimes I sin without initially realising I am being sinful and this scares me. There are 2 sins that particularly worry me because they seem very easy to fall into without a second thought, they are selfishness and dishonesty. I always ask for forgiveness and repent, but when I am under pressure in the world I seem to fall. This is why Romans is a great book, Paul reminds me that even he battled with sin and that there is only salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 7:14-25). The problem I have is that when I sin I doubt my own salvation. I feel guilt and shame for not acting in a way that pleases God. I hope that this is the holy spirit convicting me of my sin.

God bless you all 

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