Sunday, 3 August 2014

You are never alone

Spiritual warfare is harder for some people than others. As Christians we will all have battles, but for some the battle will cost them everything, even their life. At the moment I seem to be fighting this war on all fronts, it is relentless. One good thing about this is that I feel no fear about opening up about my faith to anyone who asks, in fact I can not wait to tell people. I was hesitant of telling people that it was messing around with witchcraft that opened my eyes to the spiritual realm but I have now begun to speak about this to people who ask what made me become a Christian. 

The "perps" keep me awake several nights a week at the moment, usually when I am due in work, but they like to keep me guessing. At the moment I am debating whether or not to move to a new location to get away from my current neighbour but I have heard from many other T.I's over the internet that this will not improve the situation. I will continue to pray about this. The air stalking has been less frequent over the last week or so, but this comes in waves.

I have had many dreams/visions from God since this all began (and before) but few recently until a few days ago. I wont reveal what the dreams where but I will say this, I believe I have a short time left so I have to do everything I can, through the power of God, to do the right thing for the rest of my life. It is going to be hard and I will suffer but I am going to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. He is my example, He is everyone's example. 

Today I read Matthew 24-25 where Jesus discuses the end times and His second coming, please read these chapters if you are feeling low, know that we are in the final days and Jesus will return.

God bless you all

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