Sunday, 28 September 2014

Targeted Individual update

I've not written a blog for a while, simply because I have had nothing to say. Nothing has really changed. The air stalking continues most days which just makes me laugh now, it is just ridiculous that they waste so much time money and man power on a nobody like me. But that is why this "gang stalking" system can exist, because unless you experience it for yourself, you would say "why?" and "what's the point?" . Which are some of responses I have had when I speak about it.

I have spoken before about possible motives people may have for doing this. Low level perps like neighbours, community watch groups, mental health support people, ambulance drivers and police people are probably involved because they think they serving the community and/or the country in bringing a dangerous person to justice, I think money is involved at this level to, many of them also may be freemasons. Mid level perps are high level police, mental health people and secret service employies (MI 5/6) and alike. They will probably be involved because it is part of their job and are probably masons also. And then you get the string pullers, these are probably illuminati, satanic masons. They know the true reason as to why these things are happening. They serve the god of this world, the devil himself.

The electronic harassment continues, mostly through sleep deprivation. When they decide I am not going to sleep,  I struggle to get any sleep. I am still able to hold down a job for now, but only the Lord knows how long I will keep my job. His will be done.

Nothing more to add right now, only that:



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