Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Some advice for targets

After living through this nightmare for nearly 3 years and suffering electronic harassment for about 9 months (may be longer)I have come to some conclusions that may be hard to swallow. If they want to fry you with electromagnetic weapons shielding will only work for a while, they will always find a way around it. If they want to keep you awake, they will. If they want you dead at a certain point in time, I'm sorry to say they will probably kill you.

So enough of the negative stuff, what can we do to make all this a little more comfortable?

  1. Get into the word of God and pray; these are by far the greatest things to give you peace. Jesus Christ is Lord, if you trust Him, He will show you the way.
  2. Be around people who care about you; weather they believe you or not, being around people who care does help. If you don't have anyone do your best to make some new friends.
  3. Exercise and healthy eating; I need to do these more often but they really do help
  4. Get a Job and stay in employment; this is easier said than done sometimes but you must try. Never give up!
  5. Plenty of baths and sowers; Hygiene is important and baths are good for relaxing.
  6. Activism; This may make the harassment worse but it makes you feel you are doing something. Make a blog, make youtube videos, create a facebook group, hand out flyers in the street, or anything.
  7. Laughter; if you can find amusement in your situation, this will help to alleviate some of the stress.
  8. See number 1.; The most important

I am in a position now that I know my harassment will continue for the rest of my life. The Lord has shown me things that will come to pass before my death, and I am sure He has told me at what age I will die. This all may sound morbid but I see it as an honour to a) join Christ in His suffering and b) to have revelations from God. I just pray that the Lord God will give me the strength to continue this race through the trials I must continue to face. I put my trust in Him.


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