Tuesday, 1 September 2015

where I'm at

Things have been continuing in the same way for some time now. The sleep deprivation is every night, but the weird thing is they seem to give me just enough sleep to get by on. I still don't understand fully why they do this, it could be so no one near to me will notice the torture or maybe it is to slowly break me down and in the end kill me. In reality it is probably all of the above.

The air stalking continues daily, not so much at work, mostly at home. I do wonder how much the pilots actually know about what they are part of.

I feel a little bit like I have fallen away with my faith recently. I've not been spending much time in the scriptures and even less time praying, this scares me. I have also spent a lot of time watching worldly movies, as an escape mostly. So if anyone would like to pray for me I would be grateful, leave me a message in the comments and I will do the same for you.

I do spend time listening to UCB radio (Christian radio) here in the UK and this strengthens me. I need this as I don't attend a church or have any Christian friends to speak of.

God bless each and every one of you 


  1. Go to Home Depot. Buy 3 x 3 ft Aluminum Sheets. Cover your attic and windows. God Bless. America is a nasty place.

  2. i know the horrors of the targeting program well .. Your post is yrs ago & I hope they've left you alone by now.. I'm still heavily targeted. I prayed for you still.. also heard you on youtube..GodsPeace

  3. Last comment was made by me.. I'm a genuine targeted woman Sanford NC USA.. please pray for me2.. &i will 4you.. I feel your words.. I'm a Christian & heavily targeted w gstalking& RMN/electronic assaults etc.. I also know the pain of forced isolation & no fellowship w God's people .. can't go2church here bc there tken over by perps GodsPeace a real ti Rainey ..ps.. If u ever need fellowship try me here: & I pray my monitoring agents won't block u..
    youtube: RaineyJohn9:3