Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Its been a long time since my last blog, so I just want to give an up date as to where I'm at.

I'm still forced to take anti-psychotic drugs if I want to sleep when I'm due in work, although I have begun to cut down the amount of drugs I'm taking over the last couple of weeks. This has caused me some sleepless nights but I am determined to stop taking the medication eventually. 

I was forced to take a day off work today as I have had very little sleep over the past few nights.

My job is hard at the moment, and has been for a while. I'm basically in a job that I'm not able to do, it's becoming a very technical job and I no longer believe I'm cut out to do it.

As I am writing this, there is a car outside my house with the same number plate as another car that has been involved in my stalking, it looks like my local perps have some new wheels. The gang stalking activity has increased since I have reduced the drugs. I still don't understand why it is so important to have me on medication.

I still have my faith but I am finding it difficult to read the scriptures at the moment. When I get in from work I tend to watch preachers on youtube.

Thanks for reading and God bless you all.


  1. Hi. I admire your faith in Jesus. You should check out Walter Veiths videos. Hes a seventh day adventist, I know cults secret societies right? That was my opinion, having been raised in the mormon cult. He has good videos of the nwo and the occult, backed by his impressive knowledge of the bible and love for Jesus.

    Im still a sinner, but I want to find Jesus. Having researched deeply into the dark secret history of the world, the only thing I know for certain is Jesus is the one and only way. Im making a promise to myself to actively seek him. I pray you find comfort friend.

    1. Thanks for the comment and your prayers. Keep seeking the Lord, He is the only true light in this dark world